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At Heritage Dental Care, it is our goal to help you maintain your optimal oral health, whether you are looking for regular dental care for your children, cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening for yourself, or emergency care for any member of your family. If you are looking for a new dentist in Milton Ontario, we invite you to call us at 905-693-0123 or drop by our office today!

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A beautiful smile is always in style. But more than that, an attractive smile delivers a boost to one's self-confidence. It can open doors both personally and professionally. And this is the reason that more people are booking with our office to talk about smile enhancing dentistry. Today's technology means that we can offer a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are highly effective and at a very reasonable cost. Whether you're interested in implants, veneers or whitening, we can provide you with a dazzling smile that is not only beautiful, but also stronger than ever before.

Heritage Dental Care is located on Main Street in Milton, between Bronte and Ontario Street, in a beautifully renovated former home. We offer convenient opening hours Monday through Thursday including some evening appointments plus alternate Saturdays. There is street parking out front, and plenty of space behind the building. Our "home-like" environment creates an inviting atmosphere for even the most anxious patients. We encourage you to contact us or stop by our office to meet our team of professionals. We are always excited to welcome new patients.

At Heritage Dental Care, it is our goal to help you maintain your optimal oral health. From time to time, that may include helping you in an emergency. If you or your child has an accident involving the teeth or gums, or if you experience sudden onset pain or swelling, we encourage you to contact our office as quickly as possible to discuss the situation. We provide prompt treatment when you need it most, and appointments are available evenings and weekends.

Heritage Dental Care and Dr. Daisy Park are building a practice around serving families in Milton. With two boys of her own, Dr. Park knows the challenges of helping children to have a good experience at their dental visits, and the importance of preventive care. The entire team strives to provide children, teenagers and their parents with informative and fun checkups to maintain oral health for a lifetime. Call or visit our office today to book your family's checkups at your convenience. We offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.

Dr. Daisy Park is a Gold Medal graduate of U of T's Faculty of Dentistry (2002), having started her studies in Kinesiology. She earned many accolades during her years of study, and enjoyed the process very much, but is happy to now have an active and growing dental practice in the beautiful community of Milton Ontario. She particularly enjoys working with children and families, and continues to seek out further education around the latest techniques for dentistry.

Whether you are in the midst of a dental emergency, or are in search of your permanent home for quality dental care, Heritage Dental Care in Milton, Ontario is pleased to offer the excellent services of skilled dentist Dr. Daisy Park. Offering general and family dentistry (which emcompasses both preventive and restorative care) as well as cosmetic dentistry services, the goal of the whole team is to care for your smile and your oral health.

With the prevalence of teeth whitening products on the market today, many of our patients are left feeling that their own teeth are not as bright as their friends'. While the natural colour of teeth is not true white, time and stains can make our teeth appear darker than we'd like. Fortunately, teeth whitening is accomplished in a variety of ways, most of which are quick, effective and inexpensive. From stain removers to various bleaches, professional whitening systems work magic as they brighten discoloured teeth. If you're considering how you'd look with whiter teeth, contact our specialists about the method that's best for you.

Did you know that a baby's teeth begin forming during the first trimester of pregnancy? And even though these first teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth, caring for them is still vitally important to your child's dental future. The development of the first set of teeth not only has an impact on learning to speak and eat, but also dramatically affects the spacing and placement of the adult teeth. We have a number of interesting articles that relate to dentistry and best dental care practices for children, providing informative advice about dental care during pregnancy, healthy school lunches, how to make kids' dental appointments stress free, what you need to know about sports mouth guards, and more. Of course, we are always available and happy to answer questions about your children's dental needs.

If it's been a while since your last dental check-up, or if you are looking for a new dentist in Milton for your family or for cosmetic treatment, give us a call at 905-693-0123 and set up an appointment or email us today!

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